wild beer

If you've had a particularly good commercial beer and you want to tell the world about it, please post your review here. You can also use this forum to warn us of beers to avoid.
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wild beer

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Rich Poole and I had a little tasting session on Friday, which included the Wild beer Epic Saison and Madness IPA.

The Saison was a bit of a let down but the IPA was really good.
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Re: wild beer

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Ah I'm glad it wasn't just me that felt the Epic Saison was a bit of a let down. Partially I blame it on Capn Ahab as his is the first Saison I ever tried, and compare all since to his ;)

Their Madness IPA is great, so is also the Fresh beer. Also worth a punt is the Ninkasi, fizzy beer with apples in it.
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