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Forum usage guidelines.

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I don't want to impose rules on these forums but there have been a few threads recently that have got a bit out of hand, so instead of a list of 'rules' I'm posting a few basic guidelines for using the Bristol Brewers forums.

1. Keep threads on-topic
Please stick to the original topic of the thread as much as possible inside any of the forums other than General Chat. These forums are intended to be a resource for brewers, so threads that veer wildly off-topic make it difficult for others to find useful information. If a discussion starts to go off-topic, consider creating a new thread to continue the discussion, or move it to General Chat if it has descended into a dispute about the origin of Custard Creams.

2. Answer the original question
If somebody asks a question and you decide to post a reply, please try to answer the question or post something relevant. Just responding with a spelling criticism doesn't help anyone, and it's especially off-putting to new members who may not realise that you're only kidding. I'm not trying to stifle banter here, in fact I'm probably one of the worst offenders for posting irrelevant quips, but try to remember that the person asking the question is ultimately looking for some help.

3. Be nice
Why? Because it's nice to be nice. Try to keep it friendly in here, and please be welcoming to new members. We want to encourage new members to join Bristol Brewers.
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