Artisan brewing Co (cardiff)

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Artisan brewing Co (cardiff)

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This little 3.5 barrel beauty is just down the road from my mother in laws in Cardiff.

The have recently had a bit of a falling out with Pepsi Co over the name of their previous incarnation "Bare naked beer", supposedly Pepsi has a brand of fruit juice called "Naked" (not that anyone has ever heard of it) and sued the ass off this tiny little operation for trademark infringment. Unsurprisingly Bare naked beer lost and had to change their branding. On the upside they got a fat wedge of free publicity in the Welsh press, kind of David and Goliath. Evil Pepsi!!!!

Anyway i felt obliged to go down there and buy up a range of their beers.

So far i have had the Bavarian Wheat, Alt and espresso baltic porter.

the Wheat and Alt were bang on style according to Rich P, and the coffee porter was pretty good to.

still got a black ipa, Helles lager and something else to try.

I'll report back once i have quaffed them..

well worth a look if you are in the 'Diff.
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